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hardcopy info

    Date: Tue, 05 Jul 88 13:58:57 EST
    From: bouma@purdue.edu

    I would like any info on re-directing hardcopy to a file. Best would be if we
    could, instead of writing an .rdata file in the spool directory, just have the
    postscripted text go into a file of our choosing. Adequate would have the
    .rdata file get written, but just not have it sent to the printer. Thanks,

If you are explicitly calling hardcopy:hardcopy-file, hardcopy:hardcopy-window
or hardcopy:make-hardcopy-stream, it's easy.  Instead of supplying
hardcopy:*default-text-printer* for the device argument to these functions,
use (list :file pathname :lgp2) where pathname is the name of the file to
which you want the postscript output to go.