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    Date: Wed, 6 Jul 88 15:20:47 PDT

    Subject: spurious GC
    Date:    Mon, 27-JUN-1988 07:23 MST
    X-VMS-Mail-To: ARPA%"slug%warbucks.ai.sri.com@nmfecc.arpa"

    Can anyone tell me why I get garbage collection happening when my 
    machine is not being used (all weekend). I could understand a few GCs
    after I stopped working just to catch up they seem to continue for days!
    The log shows something like 4 meg being "used"!

    I'm still on Genera 6.1, please don't tell me to upgrade. That has already
    been vetoed.

Well, you could do something like (time (sleep 5) t), which will print
out everything consed in the five seconds of sleeping.  At least I think
it will.  I don't know if that's a 6.1 feature or not.

You could also try enabling the ephemeral GC to collect the garbage.  If
you're not doing that because of bugs, I can't help you, except to
suggest a course of action you've ruled out.