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si:reorder-memory in Genera 7.2

    Date: Fri 8 Jul 88 08:34:17-CDT
    From: LRC.OPPENHEIM@R20.UTEXAS.EDU (Jennifer Oppenheim)

    I recently installed Genera 7.2 on our machines.  I also built a
    utilities incremental world (TCP, Print, etc.) on top of the Genera
    7.2 world, without doing any optimizing of the world.  On top of the
    utilities world, I then built a rather large (45,800 blocks)
    incremental world with the software we develop here.  The software
    calls si:reorder-memory after everything is loaded.  Doing this with
    Genera 7.2 increased the world size by 10,000 blocks.  This seems
    pretty radical.  Has anyone had a similar problem?  Can anyone tell me
    why this might happen?

    Thanks very much.

Seems to me that there was a warning that if you wanted to use optimize
world on increments you had to do it for all of them under the one you
really wanted to optimize.  I used that here and noticed only a slight
increase in size but the last incremental was not as large as yours and
was not larger than the previous incrementals.

  -- David D. Loeffler