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Problems restoring 7.1 worlds to a G machine...

I'm trying to restore several 7.1 worlds and microcodes to a disk,
from tapes I ve created myself from the fep-tape utility vailable via
select activity fep-tape.  According to symbolics these tapes should
be equivelent to the distribution tapes that I receive with my system.

When I use "disk restore" with these tapes from the FEP I get the
following error:

Error:  Bad cart tape format -- exiting

When I use "disk restore" on the original 7.1 distribution tapes I get the
following error:

No data and exception lit; I can't handle this yet

The machine I'm restoring the data to is a 3650 G-machine with a
removable T306 disk drive.  The machine I created the tapes on was a
3670.  I don't think that should make any difference however.

I'm pretty sure the tape drive is okay because my backups verify
properly from the 70's and the 50's tape drive.

Any ideas?

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