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Domains, IP gateways etc.

Does anyone have experience using symbolics domain servers?  Here's what's happening
when i install their software.

Load up distribution world (on nameserver)
Set site to my site.


Now, here's the problem.  The above function asks for three values:
IP address of the namespace server (easy)
IP name and IP address of the "gateway".  What is a gateway?  Well, the
value i put in there is the name/address of our SUN that serves as the
bridge between ARPA and our internal ethernets.  Fine, you say.  Indeed,
when i now load the domain server on the namespace server, domains are
indeed resolved correctly.  HOWEVER, now if i set site to our site
on some other machine, i can't get to any machine that isn't defined in
our namespace!  Going into Peek, i discover that the machine i defined
as our gateway machine has status DEAD listed under the interfaces.
This essentially means that ICMP packets sent out never come back...
Now the machines concerned are all plugged into the same DELNI, so have
identical hardware setups, and doing RESET NETWORK has no effect.

What's going on here?  In previous definitions of our site, i have been
able to telnet to INTERNET|<random.inter.net.host> with no problem, but
now, i can't even get to machines internal to our ethernet but external
to the namespace.

To make things more confusing, i can get anywhere i choose as long as
i try from our namespace server!  I'd appreciate any words of wisdom 
from folk connected to ARPA who also run DOMAINS successfully...