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   > From: Scott McKay <SWM@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
   > 	    :
   > 	    :
   >     In this given case, the work around is not that hard or painful.  However,
   >     in the general case I suppose the right answer would be for DEFSYSTEM or
   >     COMPILE-SYSTEM to have a switch.  I would argue that the correct default
   >     is to _do_ the compile, but I would be happy just with the toggle.
   > I think you should continue what you are doing now, even though it is
   > cumbersome.  I also strongly believe that the correct behavior is for
   > SCT to do what it does now.

But --setting aside the specific issue at hand-- once again I
have to ask:

Yes, I understand the strength of your belief that this is "the
correct behavior"; yes, I understand (and sympathize with) your
modularity arguement.  But in the general case, given that some
behavior is what most users want (and for that matter expect),
why isn't the correct response to, at the very least, have a