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Re: 7.2 terminal woes

    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 20:55:17 EDT
    From: royt@pravda.gatech.edu (Roy M Turner)

    Hear, hear!  I get faster response logged in from home at 1200 baud than
    with the terminal emulator.  We mercifully got vt100 to work--mostly--and I'll
    be happy to post the termcaps we use.  There are still some problems,
    though--Emacs doesn't know where to position the cursor sometimes, reverse
    video is excruciatingly slow (what the %^&* does it do, anyway, use a separate
    process to fill in each pixel???), little things like that.  But mainly, it is
    painfully slow--and if the lisp machine is doing anything else (like compiling
    in the lisp listener), well, might as well read a book between characters in
    the terminal emulator.  

    Overall, I am really pleased with 7.2, but let's face it, the terminal
    emulator is pathetic.  If Symbolics is unwilling (surely not unable?!) to do
    anything about it, does ANYONE out there have code to do a decent, fast vt100
    emulation on the Lispm's? Please?


Have you loaded the ECO patches (which all supported customers should
have by now)?  One of the patches greatly improves the performance of
telnet for VT100-style terminals.