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Re: 7.2 terminal woes

    Message-Id: <8807192143.AA20625@medusa.cs.purdue.edu>
    To: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
    Subject: 7.2 terminal woes
    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 16:43:07 EST
    From: bouma@purdue.edu

	 My terminal window worked satisfactorily before I upgraded to 7.2. My
    main gripe with it then was that it was too slow. Well, now it must go less
    than 1200 baud!

well, my experience seems to differ greatly from yours on 7.2...i can't say for
sure how fast our terminal emulator goes, but it subjectively looks much faster
than i think i remember 9600-baud terminals going a few years ago...

                     Since vt52 is the only terminal emulation I could make
    work, the scroll bar doesn't work anyway so why have it in there slowing
    things down? What good is it if the thing would work anyway.

i use vt100, and the scroll bar seems to work perfectly fine for me...

								 I figure most
    people are using the terminal onto Unix machines. If you are used to working
    on Unix, it is just plain weird to have the luxury of looking through your
    output history! Another thing I don't like is that I can no longer see the
    cursor move when I do a repeated move, (eg. repeat-l in VI, or repeat-cntrl-n
    in emacs).

yeah, i'm using a unix too (a sun running 3.5)...i don't see the cursor moving
when i do a repeat-l in vi, but as soon as i let up, i see where it's gotten to
...a nuisance, but a small price to pay...

	 Does anyone have a terminal type working that works with the scroll bar?

my .login file has the following lines (presumably just showing how inexpert i
am with unix, but it gets the job done)...(btw, this is hand copied since i
don't have my kinetics box running across appletalk zones yet)...

set t=('tset -S vt100')
setenv TERM $t[1]
setenv TERMCAP $t[2]

    If so, is it proving to be worth the sacrifice in speed? Also, how did you get
    it to work, was it just termcaps on the Unix side, or was there stuff messed
    up on the Symbolics side? If Symbolics isn't going to devote the time to make
    this stuff work right, why bother to put in scroll bar and crank the speed
    down by a factor of 3?

    Bill <bouma@medusa.cs.purdue.edu>  ||  ...!purdue!bouma 

hope that helps...cheers -- mike