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IP-TCP ... incomplete implementation

      Symbolics System, FEP0:>mailer.load.1
      3640 Processor, 1024K words Physical memory, 37250K words Swapping space.
       Genera                                  7.2
       System                                  376.158 (ECO level 6)
       Utilities                               27.29   (ECO level 4)
       Server Utilities                        28.5    (ECO level 1)
       Experimental Hardcopy                   118.17  (ECO level 1)
       Zmail                                   165.20  (ECO level 1)
       LMFS                                    102.7   (ECO level 1)
       Tape                                    82.18   (ECO level 3)
       Nsage                                   27.120  (ECO level 1)
       Documentation Database                  62.1
       Metering                                11.2    (ECO level 1)
       Mailer                                  17.1    (ECO level 1)
       Hacks                                   14.1
       Fed                                     6.1
       IP-TCP                                  67.5
       ILA-NFS                                 8.11
       Experimental UPenn                      7.0
       Experimental Room Creator and Retriever 6.0
       Experimental Upenn Tmp                  8.0
       Loeffler's Electric Lisp Zmacs Mode     1.0
       Experimental Remote Functions           1.0
       Experimental TeX Stuff                  1.0
       Experimental Tree Display               3.0
It appears that the version of IP-TCP we have loaded here doesn't handle IP
fragmentation. We need a fix for this immediately. We are trying to get NFS to
work, and our central UNIX file server sends a datagram containing all of the
information in /etc/exports (which is considerable) in reponse to the RPC
request mntproc-1-export. The resulting datagram is larger than an ethernet
packet and is hence fragmented, and the Symbolics drops it on the floor. We
don't believe that IP fragmentation is an optional portion of the IP protocol