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Weird TCP/IP bug?

1define-server0 implements the server end of a protocol while
1define-protocol0 implements the user end of a protocol.  a "service" is a
higher level of abstraction which is referred to by the application
usually by using 1invoke-service-on-host0.  So, this means that the same
name (2protocol-name0) should be used in both the 1define-server0 and the
1define-protocol 0protocol forms, and a (possibly) different name
(2service-name0) is used in the 1invoke-service-on-host0 form.  These names
will appear in your service attribute like this:

Service:  2service-name0 TCP2 protocol-name

0So, your bug was that you were calling the server and user ends of the
protocol by different names.