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Weird TCP/IP bug?

    Date: Wed, 20 Jul 88 18:00 EDT
    From: JSP@ibm.com (J. Scott Penberthy)

1     I hacked a little server last night using the Release 7.2 version of
     TCP/IP.  I was getting ready to pull my hair out, because I kept getting
     the "Host Foo Bar refused a request for SERVICE:PORT<-PROTOCOL" or
     something like that.  Here's what I did:

	     1) I defined a server for the PROSE service, and loaded it on
	     the "server" machine.

0    (net:define-server :prose (:medium :byte-stream-with-mark :stream in :host host)
	 (tv:noting-progress ((format nil "PROSE serving ~A" host))
	   (condition-case (err)
		(prose-server in host)
		(if *notify-on-prose-server-error*
		    (tv:notify nil "PROSE ended in error:~%~S" err)))))
	 (force-output in)
	 (close in)))

This is your error, not the DEFINE-PROTOCOL.  The first argument to
DEFINE-SERVER is a protocol name, not a service name.  When the call
came in on port 99 the TCP software went looking for a server for the
:REMOTE-PROSE protocol.  Since you had never defined such a server, it
rejected the connection.  It should be

(net:define-server :remote-prose ...

By the way, this has nothing to do with TCP/IP in particular.  You would
have gotten the same error had you used Chaosnet or any other medium.