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Re: Symbolics' attitude not a problem

I too cast my vote for Symbolics -- overall responsiveness of their people in
both technical knowledge AND personal attitude to me as a customer has been
first rate.

I often really disagree with Symbolics' user-interface philosophy -- and with
every release that philosophy is built in more deeply.  But (even now) they
give me enough sources so that I can modify my mouse-handler to defeat their
recent good ideas and my system will continue to behave as I think an interface
should. This possibility is real freedom, don't you think?

Likewise the dialogs between important customers and important Symbolics folk
on this list are amazing and in my experience unique.  Because users are not
just talking to themselves doubles the vitality of SLUG and is to Symbolics'
credit. Charges of arrogance can be bandied about on this list, and should be
when called for. But the fact that the people who are responsible at Symbolics
read this list and respond is most *un-arrogant*!