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Making cursors appear in program frameworks

    Date: Tue, 26 Jul 88 23:15 EDT
    From: Henry@AI.AI.MIT.EDU (Henry Lieberman)

    In general, I would like also to have other kinds of windows
    [e.g. inspectors, terminal windows, and program frameworks 
    recursively, etc.]  within program frameworks.  Frame-up, 
    for example, only recognizes Title, Interactor, Lisp, Display, 
    Menu, Accept Values.  Missing cursors are just one of the problems you
    encounter when trying to use other kinds of windows.  

You can actually have other windows, as you probably know (this was
missing in pre 7.2 documentation). You need to hand edit a form such as:

(SCENARIO :DISPLAY :flavor eop-editor
	     :blinker-p T :blinker-deselected-visibility nil)

from a :PANES clause in the DW:DEFINE-PROGRAM-FRAMWORK that you get from
Frame-up. eop-editor is my flavor, based on zwei:standalone-editor-pane. 

I have found :start-blinker, and :stop-blinker messages for this, which
help; trouble is

(1) when you select away and select back the blinker appears on its own
magically. I need to find the whopper or whatever that brings it back, or
do another :stop-blinker of :refresh or something. Trouble is (resursive
comment) dw:program doesnt use :refresh messages.

(2) the assertions :blinker-p T :blinker-deselected-visibility nil get
an error on initial compile/load of the bin; claim is the :DISPLAY pane
does not take those :init-options. However, leaving them there and
compiling in the buffer wins! This latter is an example of many such
oddities on incremental compilation (:label is another). Would love some
response on this from the revelopers [sic].