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strange behavior for fs:set-logical-pathname-host

Hi folks:

In my init file, I load another file that defines a bunch of logical pathnames
using fs:set-logical-pathname-host.  On a 3675, this works like a charm;
however, today I tried logging in to a 3640.  It pauses at the end of the form
while (apparently) checking each pathname defined with our namespace server
(lots of chaos action, :validate-component messages, etc.).  This took about
ten minutes for the form, which defined 36 new pathnames.  What on earth is
going on?  Any clues, and especially, any work-arounds?  I'm sure I just
screwed up something, but it's really puzzling, since both machines are booted
from the same world (via netboot on the '40--does this make a difference?).
Any help will be appreciated.
	--Roy Turner