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How do you use SCT (:type :text) files?

    Date: Wed, 27 Jul 88 14:21:24 EDT
    From: barr@pineapple.bbn.com (Hunter Barr)

    I included a (:type :text) module in some of my systems.  This is
    helpful because I want the Compile System command to check for it on
    disk, and I want it to go out when I distribute the system.  But the
    SCT insists on warning me that the file is not loaded.  Can I supress
    this warning?  If I understand the documentation right, the SCT should
    know that (:type :text) files are never loaded, and that it should
    just verify that they exist on disk.

How about a bug-report banner?  I can't be of any help without one.