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world management and patches

    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 88 10:36 EDT
    From: SWM@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Scott McKay)

	Date: Wed, 22 Jun 88 13:23 CDT
	From: Gumby@MCC.COM (David Vinayak Wallace)

	But they don't give you any tool for 1creating0 ECOs, so you can't use it
	to distribute patches to your own systems.

    m-X Start/Add/Finish Patch is how we create ECOs, except that we
    include, by hand, a form at the top of the patch file, 2sct:define-eco0.
    The sole purpose of that form is to make the herald and :Show ECOs print
    something that indicates that there are ECO patches.

Unless I missed something, this still is not enough to make mail message ECOs
that can be decoded with the ZMAIL command "Decode ECO".  How do you make a
mail message ECO from a distribution tape ECO?

It would also be nice if the file sys:zmail;eco-commands.lisp were on the next
eco tape.