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Re: Disk ECC errors


I'm now awaiting the third CDC368 disk for my 3645.

Machine was delivered in beginning of Feb. It has been running 7.1
all the time.

The first disk was replaced at the beginning of May, a prelim msg was
"fatal disk error ... fatal ECC error". last msg before unbootable,
about 2 weeks later, was "proceedable disk error".

June 14 on the new disk, "fatal disk error ... fatal ECC error".
July 12 "fatal disk error ... fatal ECC error".

And then from July 13 on, an unending seriers of "proceedable disk
errors ... irrecoverable disk search OR irrecoveralbe disk error".

Machine is now virtually unusable, wont complete the boot half the time,
and then can only edit files and telnet ... ie can't load any addtional
systems on it.

if you need more info, msg me

cheers, f