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DialNet registry

Due to a rapidly shrinking number of projects using Symbolics
equipment, we are losing another of our leased machines.  This time,
the reconfiguration will involve major disk swaps putting Monticello
(our main LISPM server in our Arlington office) out of commission for
at least a few days beginning August 9.  Users who attempt to reach us
via DialNet will get no response.  Our ARPAnet connection is

On a side note, it might be more efficacious for someone who uses
Dialnet more regularly than we do now to consider volunteering to be
national user group DialNet coordinator in my place.  This would
assure more timely testing of new sites and new software than I have
had occasion to provide lately.  Those interested are encouraged to
contact me.

Mark D. Grover (grover@Potomac.ADS.COM)
Advanced Decision Systems          1500 Wilson Blvd #512; Arlington, VA 22209
703-243-1611			   "Run, Toto, Run..."