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Re: parser generators in lisp

    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 88 17:26:29 EDT
    From: aboulang@WILMA.BBN.COM

    There is also V.R. Pratt's CGOL updated for common-lisp by George
    Carrette. I have used it to implement a Simula-to-lisp translator.

    Albert Boulanger
    BBN Systems & Technologies Inc.

I guess that my message was not understood. I was not looking for a
parser generator. Rather, I was responding to the following request.
As I could not get the email system to comunicate with GOJIRA.RCA.COM,
I broadcast my response to SLUG with that it would get back to the
originator. I also hope that ALbert Boulanger's response to me also
makes its way back to Keith Morgan.
Original message:

    Date: Tue, 9 Aug 88 17:08 EDT
    From: Keith Morgan <Keith@GOJIRA.RCA.COM>
    Subject: parser generators in lisp
    To: "CSBVAX::mrgate!slug%ai.sri.com@relay.cs.net@smtp@tcpgateway"@ATL.RCA.COM
    cc: keith@GOJIRA.RCA.COM
    Message-ID: <19880809210855.0.KEITH@GOJIRA.RCA.COM>
    I'm looking for a parser generator written in lisp (something along the
    lines of lex and yacc).  Please respond directly to me at the address
    below.  If there is sufficient interest I will summarize & post to net.

My original response:
    Received: from Semillon.ms by ArpaGateway.ms ; 10 AUG 88 11:01:48 PDT
    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 88 11:00 PDT
    From: Siskind.pa
    Subject: Re: parser generators in lisp
    To: SLUG@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
    Message-ID: <19880810180036.1.SISKIND@BILL-THE-CAT.parc.xerox.com>
    Line-fold: no
    I appologize for sending this to the whole list. I can seem to get
    mail back to the originator of this request.
    Mark Johnson wrote an LALR(1) parser generator which is written
    in Common Lisp and compiles into the same. He is in transition
    between MIT and Brown. I don't have any email address for him.
    I know that he worked together with Lauri Kartunnen on it.
    Lauri can be reached at Kartunnen.pa@Xerox.COM.