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ECC error (actually, disk space recovery)

    Date: 12 Aug 88 18:38 EST
    From: STERRITT%SDEVAX.decnet@ge-crd.arpa

	    since we're discussing fatal ECC errors already, here's a one
    I have been getting.  The problem comes up when I try to GC :immediately
    a particular world.  When I do, it runs for a while and then crashes into
    the FEP, with the message:
    Fatal Disk Error at Unit 1, Cylinder 456, Head 21, Sector 17 (Fatal ECC error).
    If I type Show Status, it tells me that the MC Error Status is Double Bit
    Error.  The Unit, Cylinder, Head & Sector numbers are always the same.
    I've been able to determine which worlds this happens in (one incremental
    world and all built from it).  So, is there any way to 'lock out' that sector
    from further use, so that the other good sectors in the dead file can be used?
    I'd just as soon not lose the whole thing, since it's a fairly large
    incremental world.  Oh yeah, it's a T306 drive, if that helps.

See the documentation for 1si:fix-fep-file0.  If you are lucky, that function
will fix the bad block just by rewriting the data.  If you are not lucky,
you have no choice but to delete the file and let 1si:fix-fep-file0 add the
single sector to the bad-block file.

2Warning: do not use 3si:fix-fep-file2 on a LMFS partition!