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The Lexical Emperor Has No Close

    Date: 17 Aug 88 19:17 EST
    From: STERRITT%SDEVAX.decnet@ge-crd.arpa

	    But here's my question/correction/confusion:  That let-bound variable
    ISN'T closed over (or whatever the right term is), or anyway kept, in the
    lambda definition!  It's a free variable!  THE GIVEN SOLUTIONS DON'T WORK!
    I tried various variants of the solution, finally going over to making it 
    a macro, but it wound up being very ugly.

Sounds like you are confused.  Any non-special variable that is
referenced freely in the lambda-exression but bound in a containing form
is a captured lexical reference.

Are you sure you were using #' (FUNCTION), not ' (QUOTE), to mark the
lambda expression?  You have to use the FUNCTION special form to get a
lexical closure; if you just return the lambda expression it will be
evaluated in the null lexical environment.