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    Date: Fri, 19 Aug 88 14:57:04 EST
    From: bouma@purdue.edu

    Your code contains a function which doesn't seem to be defined.


That's what you get for asking for local hacks (if this were cleaned up
I'd have put it into the SLUG Library).  Here's that trivial function:

(defun find-login-name-on-host (host-name &optional (user-object si:*user*))
  "returns string or nil if cant find one"
  (loop for (login-name host) in (send user-object :login-name)
	if (loop for name in (send host :names)
		 if (string-equal host-name
				  (send name :string)
		   return t
		 finally nil)
	  return login-name))