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A couple of Zmail questions

    Date: Fri, 19 Aug 88 15:37:18 pdt
    From: lbaum@boeing.com (Larry Baum)

    I am using Zmail with a Unix Vax as the mail server and my mail files are stored there.

    1) When I log in, I all of my mail files (~ 10 of them) are preloaded in the background.
    Most of the time the only one I modify is my mbox.mail file.  However, when I log out
    I am asked whether I want to save each one regardless of whether or not I have modified
    it.  For example:

    Expunge and save mail buffer U:/u0/lbaum/abe.mail ? (Y or N) 

    And I haven't touched U:/u0/lbaum/abe.mail.  Why does Zmail think these files are modified?
    Is there anyway to suppress this question and just have files expunged and saved automatically?
    None of the profile options affect this behavior.

This never happens to me.  What format are these mail files in?  I use
Babyl format.

Do you have any kind of header reformatting enabled?  Or perhaps the
Lispm always reformats headers in Unix format mail files.  Zmail might
treat such automatic header reformatting as a modification.

    2) From within the Zmail window if I middle click on Save (which does an "expunge current mail
    file")  I am asked if I really want to do that. Is there any way to suppress that question?

There's a profile option that controls this.  It's called something like
"Query before performing dangerous operations".  This is described in
the 7.2 Patch Notes.