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has anyone else seen this bug?

Hi folks, and sorry to bother you.  I encountered this unexpected and rather bizarre bug
today, and was wondering if anyone knew what caused it and if it is going to kill me later
on.  As far as I know, I was doing absolutely nothing to zl:ferror. Thanks.
	--Roy Turner

[11:39:53 A change to the type ZL:FERROR (Incomplete) started at 8/23/88 10:34:18.
          Until this definition is completed, the type,
          and the mouse sensitivity tables will be inconsistent.
          It is suggested you first retry the definition, to try
          to install a complete definition for the type.  If that
          is successful, you will need to force the type to completion
          manually, as shown below.

          This type definition should be found in the file

          This may be forced to completion with the following form,
          but the result may not be completely consistent.
3Error: Cannot finish redefining type ZL:FERROR; redefinition info missing.
0       3This is an internal error; please report this bug.

0   Arg 0 (TYPE): ZL:FERROR
   Rest arg: (:FORCE-P T)
s-A, :    Proceed, as if the type were new.  May leave stale mouse handlers.
s-B, :    Return to Lisp Top Level in Dynamic Lisp Listener 1
s-C:           Restart process Dynamic Lisp Listener 1