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Mailing List

Hi (to whoever handles this)
 can you add me to the SLUG mailing list?

Our group is developing a large application (5M so far)
using Symbolics Lisp machines.  Due to market forces we're in the
process of porting our application to Lucid on the Sun-4.  However,
there is a strong interest in continuing our development on the
Symbolics due to its superior development environment etc.
Consequently, we have the need for transparent file transfer, access,
etc between the Sun world and the Symbolics.  This brings me to my question:

I've heard that ILA (International Lisp Association) has implemented
NFS for the Symbolics.  Can anyone tell me what the advantages of
using this would be over say, just having tcp/ip?  For instance, we've
considered using the Sun's as a file-server for our Symbolics.

Any info would be appreciated.


Craig Steury
(801) 582-5847
Evans & Sutherland
Salt Lake City, Ut 


ps Note the enclosed arpa address.