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    Date: Wed, 24 Aug 88 12:13:07 MDT
    From: esunix!roma!csteury@cs.utah.edu (Craig Steury)

    I've heard that ILA (International Lisp Association) has implemented
    NFS for the Symbolics.  Can anyone tell me what the advantages of
    using this would be over say, just having tcp/ip?  For instance, we've
    considered using the Sun's as a file-server for our Symbolics.

ILA-NFS is an excellent product.  By the way, ILA is Internation Lisp

When using a Lispm, one of the main advantages of using NFS rather than
TCP-FTP is that it will put version numbers on the Unix files.  Also,
access to file properties is much more complete.

The bigger advantage is that the Unix systems can use a Lisp Machine
file server transparently, as if it were another Unix file server.

I've heard a rumor that ILA-NFS is now being distributed by Symbolics,
too.  I haven't seen the summer price list, though.