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ILA-NFS - the flip side

>From iis!eiger!ceb Thu Aug 25 16:45:59 MET 1988 remote from ethz

Thanks for responding to my message concerning ILA-NFS - I will follow
up on it.  Some of your suggestions have been implemented, etc, but
now that I know to whom to address such feedback, I won't go further

One summary thought, which I should have underscored in the original
posting, is that even knowing of all of the problems I mentioned, I
would still buy the ILA-NFS software package; it fills an important
gap reasonably well, and there is nothing out there which does the job

The thrust of my remarks were directed towards dispelling the
impression I had received from a previous posting that the product
was a panacea.  It is not, and potential buyers who see it as such (as
it was represented to me) could be disappointed.

As you point out, this is in large part because of problems of
conflicting definitions between the NFS and Lispm principles of
operation, and to rather liberal interpretations of the NFS standard
by different manufacturers.  Although you have done well in bridging
the gap (based on your remarks, much better than I might have
expected), the job is inherently hard, and it seems these standards
and principles will have to give as well, or at least be formalized,
before all is said and done.

Thanks again, ceb