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Mouse clicks with no presentation problem

We're running into a problem here with mouse clicks causing system beeps
due to a presentation not being clicked on. I've tried defining a null
presentation for the clicks, but that doesn't seem to be working. Part
of the problem may be that our mouse clicks are hung off a mouse process
state variable. Another part may be that one pane of a program framework
frame is built of non-dynamic window flavors, such as tv:window. The
latter is necessary for our purposes, since this code was originally
written back in release 6, and rewriting the code for this pane's
interaction to allow for dynamic windows has been judged a very low

Does anyone either know what needs to be done to sidestep the automatic
search for a presentation under a mouse click, or have code which does
this that can be provided? We'd really appreciate it, as our interaction
with this pane is frequent, is done via mouse clicks, and the beeps are
starting to get to us. :-)