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MacIvory pricing

       Date: Thu, 1 Sep 88 11:00:24 EDT
       From: sterling@cims.nyu.edu (John Sterling)

       Thanks for the response.  Any chance, you could pin down that
       Infoworld reference for me?

Infoworld Aug. 29, 1988. (Vol. 10 Issue 35) page 8:

1AI Vendors Unveil Major Products

2Symbolics Introduces Lisp-Based Mac Ivory

3By Stuart J. Johnston

4ST. PAUL, MN - Leading AI vendors went head-to-head last week with a
series of major product annoucements at the AAA Seventh National

Symbolics Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., introduced Mac Ivory, a Lisp-based
system consisting of a Mac II, the company's Ivory add-in board, Genera
software, 8 megabytes of Nubus memory, a 300-megabyte SCSI hard disk,
and a 12-inch monochrome display. It will have a base prive of $21,900
and will ship in December.

Symbolics also announced a DOS version of its Common Lisp Operating
Environment (CLOE) for 80386-based computers. The software-only system,
which costs $400, will ship next month.

Texas Instruments of Dallas demonstrated Release 5.0 of its
Microexplorer system software that runs on the Mac II equipped with the
company's Lisp processor. The new release, which will ship in the fourth
quarter, supports calls to the Mac Toolbox from Lisp applications.

0...[The rest not included since it covers non-Symbolics/TI products.]