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    Date: Thu 1 Sep 88 15:31:01-PDT
    From: RAYMOND@PLUTO.ARC.NASA.GOV (Eric A. Raymond)

    I've a few reviews of the MacIvory from AAAI.  One surprise is that
    it's slower than a 3640.  I thought the Ivory was faster than a 3640.
    What's the reason for the slowdown .... slower clock rate?  (I hear TI
    had to do this with their uExplorer.)  Something to do with power
    consumption, I think.  Is it that the Mac can't supply enough or that
    it can't dissipate it?

No, we don't clock the chip slowly because of power consumption or any
other reason.  MacIvory performance is currently limited largely by the
speed of the disk.

    Is all the memory that the chip uses on the board?  Can it use regular
    Mac memory?  (I'd be interested to see how they dealt with the tag

There is no memory on our board, just a cache.  We use Mac memory

    Does the product include ethernet?  

It's an option.

    How much disk space is required?  Realistic?

10% more than the same application would need on a 36xx.

    How about the one-button mouse?  Key modifiers like the uExplorer?
    Does it take 3 hands to do a C-Mouse-Middle?