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MacIvory prices

    Date: Thu, 1 Sep 88 22:20 CDT
    From: Gumby@mcc.com (David Vinayak Wallace)

	Date: Thu, 1 Sep 88 15:57:12 EDT
	From: sterling@cims.nyu.edu (John Sterling)
							   Unfortunately, we
	are told there is an additional $8k for the "MacIvory Devlopement

    What's in the "development" package that's not in the delivery package?
    EVAL, perhaps?  (only a semi-joke -- a certain mac implementation
    features EVAL as a seperately loadable package).

I would guess that the MacIvory delivery package would be missing the
same thing the 3610 is missing.  The price list just calls this "Genera
Development Tools", but it doesn't say what this is.  My guess is that
it mostly consists of the Symbolics source code.  The name sounds like
it might also include things like SCT, but you need SCT around so that
you can load application software.  A delivery system could probably
live without Zmacs (but not without Zwei), but the prive list says that
3610's come with Zmacs and Zmail.