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mac pricing

  Pricing on the MacIvory seems to be very speculative since it won't
  be shipped until December.  On the other hand, we have, here, now,
  a TI MicroExplorer.  With 3x80mb hard disks, color monitor, 12mb
  on the TI board, 5mb on the MAC II, ethernet board, and the full
  development software, the list price was about 36k (with
  a gsa discount, it comes out to about 28k).  We have been
  told this is roughly the price of a MacIvory similarly configured,
  although no firm prices have been set.
  For those who are a little tentative about this technology, TI has
  started a 3 month leasing program at about $600/month for the above
  configured MicroExplorer.  Normal leasing prices are about 3 times
  that.  After the 3 month period, you can turn it in, buy it (half the
  lease goes towards the purchase), or lease at the higher rate.  I
  would hope Symbolics offers the same deal.