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GC, ZMail

	I have a general question about Garbage Collection on
my 3640...Why is it that after I do a "GC :immediately", I always
have less mem free than before I issued the command.  At first I
thought maybe I was just confusing terms regarding memory, but
here is the clincher:

	I turned off Dynamic, but left Ephemeral on.

	I get a Notification "You missed the last chance to
	do a Start GC :Dynamic,  only XYZ words left until you 
	wont be able to do a GC :immediately."

	So I do a Start GC :immediately right then and there..

	As soon as it's done, it tells me that now there's not
	enough mem left for even a "Start GC :immediately".

	What am I doing wrong??

	Also, If anyone knows how to make aliases for ZMail, i.e.
I want to say "To: Rob" instead of "To: mach1!mach2!mach3!rob@sys1",
I would be pretty happy.  Is there a way to save those notes you put
in the Calender?? Or when you change mailer windows or reboot will they
always be gone??



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