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I'm forwarding this message to SLUG since some of our readers may be interested
and not have seen this.

	Mabry Tyson

    To: cl-windows@sail.stanford.edu
    cc: Isaac_Salzman <salzman@rand-unix.ARPA>
    Subject: lispx e-mail distribution list
    Date: Tue, 6 Sep 88 14:54 PDT
    From: Isaac <salzman%ipsy@rand-unix.ARPA>

    I was told by Kerry Kimbrough (kimbrough@@dsg.csc.ti.com) that
    people on this list may be interested in the following:

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    Subject: intro to lispx e-mail distribution list
    Reply-To: lispx-request@rand-unix.ARPA
    Date: Thu, 01 Sep 88 14:41:19 PDT
    From: Isaac <salzman@rand-unix.ARPA>

    Hello all! This is the beginning of "lispx", a distribution list for 
    discussing X windows applications in Lisp. This list is starting as 
    a result of a BOF session held at Xhibition '88 at MIT last

    To summarize what was disucussed at Xhibition:

	Currently two packages are available for writing X windows applications
	in Lisp: CLX, a functional equivalent to Xlib written in Common Lisp,
	and CLUE, an object oriented toolkit for X11 written in Common Lisp
	which requires PCL (portable common loops) and CLX.

	Looks like everyone would like to see all this stuff run under
	KCL, and work is being done in that direction. Since CLX is part
	of the core X11 distribution it may not be a bad idea to solicit
	to X consortium for better of support KCL since it is a NON-proprietary
	Common Lisp implementation.

	An interest was expressed in more high-level lisp interfaces to
	X (i.e. widget sets in lisp?).

	Let's start an e-mail distribution list on this topic!

    Well, that's basically the bottom line. If anyone cares to add

    This list is very small at the moment, hopefully it will increase in
    size. After I've heard some feedback I will post the existance of
    this list to xpert (assuming that there is at least still an interest
    among those that asked to start it!). 

    The few initial subscibers are (this may be a surprise to a couple

      Isaac Salzman, RAND Corp.		salzman@rand-unix.ARPA
      Darrell Shane, RAND Corp.		shane@rand-unix.ARPA
      Chris Burdorf, RAND Corp.		burdorf@rand-unix.ARPA
      Kerry Kimbrough, Texas Instruments	kimbrough@dsg.csc.ti.com
      James Salem, Thinking Machines Corp.	salem@think.com
      Bob Bittner, Carnegie Group Inc.	bittner%cgi.com@relay.cs.net
      Jordan Hubbard, PCS (W. Germany)	jkh@violet.berkeley.edu
					    (what's your new e-mail addr Jordan?)
    To subscribe send mail to:


    Send submissions to:


    All submissions will be forwarded immediately (this list is not moderated
    or digetsted, etc.). Ciao!

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