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Personal ZMAIL aliases

    Date: Wed, 7 Sep 88 09:43:30 EDT
    From: Think.COM!dan@uunet.UU.NET

    I've written a personal alias function that does just that.  This version
    works in 7.2.

The personal alias function needs a bit of tweaking to handle to sending
to files (e.g. archiving messages via FCC: and BFCC:).  

[Disclaimer:  I don't know if this is the "right" fix.  It 1does0 work.  I don't
know what 1recipient0 gets passed as, except from a 30 second diagnosis after my
mailer blew out.  Files seem to come in as strings.]

    (defun maybe-translate-alias (recipient)
      (unless (stringp recipient)               1; File recipients are strings: don't translate
0        (let* ((interval (or (cl:getf recipient :interval) (cl:getf recipient :original-interval)))
               (name (if interval
                         (apply 'string-interval interval)
                         (cl:getf recipient :name)))
          (dolist (p *personal-alias-name*)
            (when (or (and (listp (car p)) (member name (car p)))
                      (And (stringp (car p)) (string-equal name (car p))))
              (setq name (cdr p))
              (return name))))))

-- Stephen