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mailing to Dialnet sites

>     Date: Thu, 8 Sep 88 16:25 PDT
>     From: Postmaster@RITTER.AI.SRI.COM
>     Subject: Unable to deliver letter
>     However, while the Mailer was to able verify the existence of this host,
>     the Mailer was unable to find a path to deliver the message to this host.
> What is the status of Symbolics fixing up their domain servers on this?

I have complained several times about this, too.  Until Symbolics
wishes to take responsibility for the DialNet subdomain, Internet
sites can cross their fingers and try routing dialnet mail through
Riverside by adding:

*.dialnet.symbolics.com.   IN	MX	50	Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.com

to your name server databases.  There are four domain server machines
for the symbolics.com domain.  I suspect some day they will agree to
advertise the MX records for Dialnet.  Of course, Riverside's modem or
file system might eventually overload depending how often sites phone
in to pick up mail, how often Riverside probes, how much traffic there
is, etc, etc.

- MDG -

PS. I wonder if all those future MacIvory machines will include
Dialnet support.