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Update to personal alias hack

I've been waiting for this hack for quite a while... thanks! I also like
to use personal names in my mail messages, so I hacked the function so
that it supports these.

(in-package 'zwei)

(defun1 personal-alias-hook0 (recipients te &aux thing translated-name)
  (dolist (recipient recipients)
    (when (setq translated-name (maybe-translate-alias recipient))
      2;; 7.2 bug fix kludge -- give it an array leader
0      (setq translated-name (lisp:make-array (string-length translated-name)
					     :element-type 'lisp:string-char
					     :initial-contents translated-name
					     :leader-length 10))
      (setq thing
	    (car (parse-driver (rdtbl-lexer rfc733 translated-name
					    0 translated-name (cl:length translated-name))
      (unless (and (member :name thing) (member :host thing))
	(error "Unable to expand personal mail alias.  Please consult maintainer at TMC."))
      (setf (cadr (member :name recipient)) (cadr (member :name thing)))
      (setf (cadr (member :host recipient)) (cadr (member :host thing)))
      2;;; hack for personal names
0      1(when (member :personal-name thing)
	(if (member :personal-name recipient)
	    (setf (cadr (member :personal-name recipient)) (cadr (member :personal-name thing)))
	    (rplacd (last recipient)
		    `(:personal-name ,(cadr (member :personal-name thing))))))
0	))