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SLUG Administrivia

Excuse the duplicate messages that you may have gotten or are about to get
(depending on the queues).  The machine that sends out the mail had a problem
last night.  One result was that queued mail that hadn't been sent to everyone
on the list (but probably had been sent to *almost* everyone) got requeued
to everyone.

By the way, the SLUG mailing list goes to 235 addresses on 170 different
hosts with a number of those recipients being local mailing lists of
their own.  We have recipients in the United States, Canada, Belgium,
Switzerland, Finland, Korea, Norway, UK, Japan, Israel, and Australia.  
(That's just the ones I know about.  BITNET addresses are impossible to
decipher so we may have some recipients in other countries.)

I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if submittors would consider whether
their mail is appropriate to go out to everyone.  I know people sometimes
reply to the whole list when they really don't mean to.