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Genera 7.3 ?

    Date: Mon 12 Sep 88 09:26:18-PDT
    From: TAYLOR@PLUTO.ARC.NASA.GOV (Will Taylor)

    In David Andre's posting re: GC, Zmail, he mentioned using Genera 7.2 or
    7.3 to mitigate the problem under discussion. What is the status of
    Genera 7.3?

There are no plans to issue 7.3 for non-Ivory machines.  In fact, there is
no such thing as 7.3 1per se0.  There is only "7.3 Ivory".

There will be a future release of Genera which has identical functionality
on Ivory-based machines and 36xx machines.  I do not know when this will be,
or what it will be called.