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Genera 7.3 ?

    Date: Mon 12 Sep 88 09:26:18-PDT
    From: TAYLOR@PLUTO.ARC.NASA.GOV (Will Taylor)

    In David Andre's posting re: GC, Zmail, he mentioned using Genera 7.2 or
    7.3 to mitigate the problem under discussion. What is the status of
    Genera 7.3?

Genera 7.3 is in Beta Test for MacIvory systems only, and will be
available in final form for MacIvory and XL400 systems in December or
January.  It will not be released on 3600 systems; it is source
compatible with 7.2 but offers few features other than supporting the
Ivory architecture.  It therefore didn't seem worthwhile to go through
all the logistics of a release on 3600 systems.

Further releases will be made on Ivory systems, 3600 systems, or both,
as appropriate.