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Failed mail handlers

Since I handle the SLUG mailing list, I get a lot of failed mail messages
and such.  For those of you who don't know, in ZMAIL, clicking REPLY
on some mailer rejection messages will result in setting you up to resend
the failed message to the recipients that didn't get it.  Of course, each
mailer has a different style of reporting failed messages and so appropriate
code needs to be written for each one to handle the rejection messages.

Besides the mailers handled by the system code, I have the handler for
MMAILR (Tops-20).  I have also written handlers for the Software Tools
mailer (VMS, eg AI.SRI.COM), Pony Express Mailer (VMS, eg IU.AI.SRI.COM),
and the mailer on UUNET.UU.NET.

Obviously I should offer this to the library, but, in the meantime,
since the code doesn't contain any Symbolics code in it, I'm willing to
mail what I wrote to anyone who feels they need it.  (Obviously I don't
offer support and won't necessarily upgrade it to any later software
release.)  Note this doesn't include the code for MMAILR (Tops-20 mail

Conversely, if anyone has code for any other mailers, I'd like to have
it.  If you send code for the mailer you read your mail from, you are
more likely to have me resend mail that fails to get delivered to you
for some temporary reason.

(To see some Symbolics examples of how one is written, do a Meta-.