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A burning Issue

>From iis!eiger!ceb Tue Sep 13 18:29:26 MET 1988 remote from ethz

In regards Pat Prosser's comment about Symbolics supporting user-generate
patches, this is not meant at all.  As far as I can tell, Penberthy's
concept of a blessing from Symbolics means that you simply have the right
to use erronenous code generated by another user on another Symbolics
machine, in which the proprietary sources were stored.  Of course, if 
these patches are incorporated into future releases, typical committments
of support, etc. would apply.

My only question would be about security of stuff distributed by mail.  
As those who have to use it know, mail in Europe is like the New York
City sewage system - leaks and breakages are the rule.  As long as everyone
remains friendly, ok, but if Symbolics wants to assure protection,
then the system for mail-encoding patches will have to be distributed as well.

(Sorry about the typos, we're still working with the 7.1 terminal window package.)