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Questions about ILA X-window support for Symbolics

We are interested in buying X-windows client/server support for 1 or more
of our Symbolics to allow our networked Suns to utilize a graphical user
interface which runs on the Symbolics. Thus we would have Symbolics(X-client)
and Sun (X- server) configuration. Questions:
1) does the the Sun "login" to the Symbolics? Can local "login" to the Symbolicsbe done while it is an X-client to a Sun?
2) If 1) is possible, does select-L on the Symbolics bring up the same window that would be up on the Sun (if it was displaying LIsp LIstener 1) ?
3) Is it possible for Symbolics to be an X-client to multiple Sun X-servers ?

Any other information of this type would be appreciated - Will