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6250 bpi Symbolics tape drive

Are there any Symbolics customers in the Boston area that have a
Symbolics 6250 bpi tape drive, and would be willing to lend it to us for
a couple of days, we would REALLY appreciate it.  We will probably have
to do a full restore of our 2.3Gb file system to solve the disk problem
I talked about in a previous message.  We normally do our 9-track tape
work over the network to a Vax, but it will take the better part of a
week to do a network restore of this size, whereas I suspect that it
could be done in two days with a directly connected tape drive.
Unfortunately, Symbolics doesn't have any 6250 bpi tape drives around

If you can be of any help, either send me mail or call me at (617)
876-1111.  Thank you.