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Store and Forward Mailer

After many appeals to Symbolics for help, and after their best
efforts, we still cannot seem to get the store-and-forward mailer
working on our Symbolics, except through Chaos. Briefly, a description
of the problem:
	The darn thing just won't work on TCP/IP!
Over the last few months, several of the lab members here have
attempted to get it running, sometimes with Symbolics' help, to no
avail. One bug in the UNIX 4.2 bsd sendmail.cf file was mentioned and
fixed, but that didn't fix our problem. Before going into a long
drawn out description of the problem here in the discussion group, I
wanted to see if anyone had experienced similar problems. If so, I
will send email to you directly without wasting slug mail-reading
Till then, I will continue to use my SUN for mail. :(

Paul Collier
Knowledge Based Systems Lab, Texas A&M University