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[dan@think.com: Symbolics Screen to Mac Files] ... sort of

>From iis!eiger!ceb Wed Sep 28 10:35:34 MET 1988 remote from ethz

Regarding PS from the Mac out, the best solution I've found is to
forget MacDraw, and use CricketDraw, a clone-spirited product which
really offers a lot more.  In addition to letting you rotate and skew
your 2-D objects (indispensible for perspective drawings), you can
also pick the way you store your output file, in an internal format
(PICT, I think, but my Mackie's gone wandering) or Postscript.

This means you can ship the files around using your favorite
system-level utilities: Kermit, the Kinetics boxes, or you own

The same should be true about going the other way, of course.  You
know how to make a postscript file from your Symbolics.  It should be
possible to read it in using CricketDraw, although I haven't yet
worked the question of missing preamble subroutines through to verify
what, if anything, needs to be added.