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ADS (DC) no longer on Dialnet

As has been announced, our site no longer has a sufficiently large or
stable enough set of LISPMs to maintain our Dialnet connection.  Those
sites running Dialnet should remove our entry (ADS.COM) from your user
group Dialnet registries.  (I can no longer maintain the SLUG Dialnet
registry properly without the facilities to test it.)

If you are not on Internet, you can still have mail for us sent via
Riverside (assuming it answers) which is on both Dialnet and Internet.
To do so, add the following entry to your domain server database,
which will route mail for our domain through Riverside:

*.ADS.COM.      IN     MX     20     Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.Com.

- MDG -
Mark D. Grover (grover@Potomac.ADS.COM)
Advanced Decision Systems          1500 Wilson Blvd #512; Arlington, VA 22209
703-243-1611			   "Back off, man.  I'm a scientist."