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Optional Sources

    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 88 22:48 EDT
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Tue, 27 Sep 88 15:28 EDT
	From: cjl@wheaties.ai.mit.edu (Chris Lindblad)

	    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 88 13:32 EDT
	    From: pc@ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

	    Can someone enlighten me as to exactly what constitutes the optional
	    sources?  Chris Lindblad implied that the Printer Support system is one
	    part, and i believe the mailer sources are another.  What other goodies
	    are there?

	I believe the LGP2 printer support isn't part of the optional sources.  It's a
	separate product.  At least it was a couple of years ago.

    In fact, LGP2 support isn't listed in the current price lists at all.
    In its place is something called LGP3.  My guess is that an LGP3 is a
    LaserWriter-Plus or a LaserWriter II.


Barry is indeed correct.  With their introduction of the LaserWriter II
printers, Apple has ceased producing and selling LaserWriters and LaserWriter
Pluses (although those printers may still be available from some distributor's

Symbolics now sells the Apple LaserWriter II NT as Symbolics Model LGP3.  All
operation and interfacing is identical to the Apple LaserWriter.

On the original question: According on-line distribution information for Genera
7.2, Optional Sources cover the following systems:

All other sources (not including layered products) are now part of Basic Sources
included with Genera 7.2.