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RE: LISPMs and Real Time

> Does anyone out there know of a project in which
>  1. the program had to analyze and respond to a signal in a fixed
> amount of time (for example, robot control or conversational speech
> recognition),
> and
>  2. the program ran continuously on a lispm for days or weeks at
> a time, without rebooting, full-gc, or failure to respond within the
> fixed amount of time?

Gensym (aka LMI) has developed an expert system shell (and thus I
assume applications) called G2 which satisfies your constraints.  I seem to
remember that it operates in a GC-less mode.   That is, they've
written their code so that it doesn't create garbage (I beleive they
explicitly deallocate conses et al) and they turn off (dynamic,
ephemeral?) GC.