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How About Symbolics => MacPaint?

   How about converting the Symbolics screen into portable bitmap format
(pbm)?  Once it is in pbm format, you can convert it to just about anything
including macpaint format (pbmtomacp) and probably macdraw format.  These 
pbm filters came with our original X11R2 distribution and were written by
Jef Poskanzer (jef@lbl-rtsg.arpa).

   It's not too difficult to come up with a Symbolics to pbm filter although
my version is quite slow and inefficient.  Once in pbm format, I was able
to use the image as a suntools background, stuff it into an icon or print
it on a LaserWriter.  There are also tools to invert, flip, and concatenate
portable bitmaps.

   If you can load macpaint files into macdraw, then this approach will work;
otherwise, a pbmtomacd filter will need to be written which should be a lot
easier than writing a pstomacd filter. 

   Send me mail if you would like more details.

 Michael S. Kelsen <kelsen@ge-dab.GE.COM>  mcnc!ge-rtp!ge-dab!kelsen